2 June 2016

Opening the Visual Center of Renewable Energy for the Atlas of Renewable Energy Sources

The President of K.A.CARE Dr. Hashem Abdullah Yamani opened in K.A.CARE Headquarters Thursday the 2nd of June, 2016  the Visual Center for the Atlas of renewable energy sources attached to the Research, Development and Innovation Sector in K.A.CARE.  The Center aims to show maps and geographical drawings related to renewable energy and it includes predicting clouds, dust and solar energy sources and demonstrations of satellite images and the Atlas of sources of renewable energy and direct ground measurements. 















After the conclusion of the opening ceremony, presided over by the President, the project team made a presentation about the Center’s objectives and the project’s accomplishments which are considered the most important elements of empowerment for the renewable energy sector in the Kingdom.  The President thanked the project’s team on this accomplishment.

It is noteworthy to mention that this Center is one of the projects of the National Atlas Program for the measurement of the sources of renewable energy launched by K.A.CARE to support the projects of electricity production and water desalination also for use in research areas meant for the development of techniques and feasibility studies to find the suitable investment solutions by the developers, researchers, and governmental institutions such as educational universities and consulting research centers. 

This ceremony was attended by K.A.CARE Vice President Dr. Waleed Husain AbulFaraj and a number of key officials in K.A.CARE. 


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