23 April 2016


5 New Wind Met Masts

Wind Measurements Campaign has made a progress during the last few months continuing to move forward to complete the wind monitoring network installation around the kingdom. At this stage, a new batch of 5 met masts has been installed, bringing up the total installation to 10 met masts out of 40. All of those masts are operating and collecting data from different locations in Saudi Arabia. The new installed masts are placed in the following areas:  

  1. Yanbu South
  2. Jeddah South
  3. Al Wajh Wadi Al Seeh
  4. Al Jouf Abu Ajram
  5. Turaif
# Station Name Longitude Latitude Elevation (m) Installation Date
1 Yanbu South E38.5026 N23.78191 10 13/12/2015
2 Jeddah South E39.221638 N21.21536 16 17/12/2015
3 Al Wajh Wadi Al Seeh E36.347487 N26.497667 65 10/12/2015
4 Al Jouf Abu Ajram E39.284135 N29.891593 657 16/12/2015
5 Turaif E38.809603 N31.649976 850 05/12/2015







It is noteworthy to mention that the first five locations have been collecting data for more than one year now. In addition, some of them have completed two years since installation. Such as, “K.A.CARE City Site A” which is located at KACARE site in Riyadh as it is 10 km away from the second mast “K.A.CARE City Site B”. In fact, most of the previous installation show a great deal of wind potential such as in Yanbu, Sharurah and Hafar Al Batin.

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