29 January 2016

Upgrading Tier 1A Al-Uyaynah 

Continuing adding more stations and data sets to Atlas, RRMM in January 2016 upgraded Uyaynah Research Station and it started sending new data sets to the Atlas.

The new data now available includes: 

  • Global Photosynthetically Active Radiation (measured in µmol/s/m2)

"Often abbreviated PAR, designates the spectral range (wave band) of solar radiation from 400 to 700 nanometers that photosynthetic organisms are able to use in the process of photosynthesis. This spectral region corresponds more or less with the range of light visible to the human eye" …. More about PAR

  • Global Ultraviolet (A & B) Radiation (measured in W/m2)

"Ultraviolet (UV) light is an electromagnetic radiation with a wavelength from 400 nm to 100 nm"; "UVA wavelength range is 320 – 400 nm, and UVB wavelength range is 290 – 320 nm" …. More aboutUVA&UVB

  • Precipitation (measured in mm)

"Precipitation occurs when a portion of the atmosphere becomes saturated with water vapour, so that the water condenses and "precipitates" " …. More about Precipitation.

  • Dew Point Temperature (measured in oC)

"It is the temperature to which air must be cooled to reach saturation" .… More about Dew Point

There is also more data to be added in near future which includes:

  • Soiling Measurement
  • Photometer Measurement
  • Visibility Measurement
  • Upwelling Infrared
  • Downwelling Infrared

Uyaynah Station is a world class research station.

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