13 Dec 2015

Participation of Atlas Renewable Resources Project at the Noor Festival in Mishkat

Atlas Renewable Resources Project was introduced during the activities of the Noor Festival, which was held in Mishkat exhibition in the period 3-12 Safar 1437H (15-24 November 2015) to coincide with the UNESCO initiative to launch the International Year of Light in 2015.

Noor Festival included various activities and workshops on energy and its uses in an innovative ways combine learning and fun exploration. The aim of the festival was to illustrate the importance of light and its application in the field of energy. The Atlas Renewable Resources Project demonstrated a monitoring station that measures solar radiation and special data screens to view different data directly from monitoring stations.


The participation in the festival was successful, where visitors were introduced to the monitoring station that are used to measure the solar radiation and its different forms, and they interacted with Atlas portal. Also, a video was presented about the development of the Atlas Renewable Resources Project. In addition there was a live display of the solar radiation, the temperature, the wind speed, and the air pressure of the monitoring station installed at the top of King Abdullah City for Atomic and Renewable Energy building in order for the visitors to make a direct connection between the monitoring station and the results that can be obtained directly from the station.

The Atlas Renewable Resources Project is a web portal that contains a base of geographic data and climate information of weather phenomena from different regions of Saudi Arabia. This data can be used to determine the renewable energy resources, such as solar radiation to be utilized in the research aspects of the development of different technologies in the field of energy, feasibility studies to find appropriate investment solutions by developers, researchers, government institutions, such as educational universities, and advisory research centers.

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