Wind Resources in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia’s wind resource has not been fully characterized to date.  Mesoscale modeling conducted by wind industry company Vestas provides a general picture of annual average wind speeds at 80 m Above Ground Level (AGL) with a 3 km x 3 km resolution.

  • As demonstrated by the layer in the Atlas, the modeling analysis showed annual average wind speeds in most of Saudi Arabia to be between approximately 6.0 and 8.0 meters per second (m/s), but did not include a wind power potential analysis reflecting the wind speed distributions over time.

  • Higher wind speeds near 8.0 m/s and above (well above a standard economic viability speed of approximately 6 m/s) occur in the northeast and central regions, as well as near mountains in the western region.

  • In October 2013, a 100-m tall pilot wind monitoring mast was installed on K.A.CARE’s City Site outside of Riyadh.  Data from this monitoring mast and others are included in the Atlas.

  • Plans are underway by K.A.CARE for the installation of a complete wind monitoring network consisting of approximately 40 monitoring masts around the Kingdom.  Data from this network will be available on the Atlas as they are installed, and will also be used to refine the currently available modeled data products.                                                                                                                                


                     Network Map and Station Details         Station Equipment


The Atlas

Click on the map (or the Maps and Graphs menu item) to launch the Atlas and begin exploring wind resource data.

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