Government Entities

Government entities rely on renewable energy resource data to make informed policy and planning decisions from the local to the national level.  Such decisions can range from assessing the feasibility of solar-powered streetlights in a particular town, to establishing the policy and regulatory framework for large-scale deployment of renewable energy projects around the Kingdom.


For government entities, the Atlas currently contains the most information on solar resources, with limited information on wind resources.  Data on geothermal and waste-to-energy resources are not yet available in the Atlas.  And unless the government entity is particularly familiar with renewable energy resource data, it is recommended that entity contact K.A.CARE to start a discussion on any required tailored analysis.

Many government entities have contributed datasets to the Atlas, such as electric grid information from Saudi Electric Company (SEC), to best serve the Atlas users with comprehensive geospatial data.  These other datasets leverage the mapping functions of the Atlas and allow users to see how resources such as water and land relate to renewable energy resources.  Government entities looking to have their data included in the Atlas should contact K.A.CARE.


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